Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sometimes you just have to take a bipolar shit

Jesus H. Fucking Christ on a cracker - I went absolutely manic apeshit on the world after work.  I was sick all day - vomiting, exhausted, and still managed to work my ass off.  I held it together and LOST it when I left the building, which is when you are allowed to lose it, you know? 

Here is what happened:

"I am on the mother of all rampages this evening. Beware. Since 5:00 I have SCREAMED obscenities at:

1. Three random fucktards at the grocery store.

2. The person who parked next to me at said grocery store.

3. The delivery truck in front of me on my way home from said grocery store.

4. The road.

5. The red light (bitch did that shit on PURPOSE).

6. The garage door. Slow. Too slow. Hurry the hell... UP.

7. The trunk.

8. The car for having such a stupid fucking trunk. I should have a button for opening the damn trunk. Using a key is annoying.

9. The mail.

10.The U.S. Postal service for sending me said mail.

11.My kid, for not doing a damn thing in this house, but going out and having fun on a "sick day".

12.The dumbass visitor in my house who just used the words "queer" "lesbian" and "island". I had to go upstairs to "rest". That is code for "I am going to kill you, with pain, if I stay here."

13.The neighbor, who drives way too fast up my street. A young twit. I'll probably kick his ass.

14. The wall, board against the wall (construction is bad for people like me), stairs, bed.

Even the dog is afraid. I have sent myself to bed without supper. Again.

Actually, I just swallowed my risperidone, Lithium, sertraline, and a valium for good measure, because I was going to kill the subject of #12, and I am too much of a princess to handle prison.

Sleep well and FLY, MY PRETTIES!   

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