Thursday, June 7, 2012

Learning how to let it go

There isn't much to share today.  I set a goal to walk (waddle) a mile and did just that.  No fanfare needed.

I had a few issues that upset me, but worked my way through them and that was that. 

I have an appointment with the hated psych nurse in the morning, and also with the billing department for the Intensive Outpatient Program.  They will give me a tour of the facility at that time. 

I am scared.  Scared was the word of the day today but in the end I had to let it go.  I realized that it did no good to hold on to it.  Scared, scared, scared, this doing anything?  No. 

I learned to let it go - like that WOPR computer in WarGames.  I feverishly played the game of tic tac .. err... Scared until I finally realized that there was no possible winner, and then let it go.


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